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    Earth and Planetary Sciences



    We are Earth and planetary scientists. Our faculty, researchers, graduate students and undergraduate students pursue field, lab, experimental, and modeling studies of geological and environmental problems around the world and across the solar system.


    July 27-31, 2023
    There are no events scheduled in Earth and Planetary Sciences this week.

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    Information about coronavirus for the community. See latest updates.


    Richard Cowenmarket.scol.com.cn:2021-4-21 · Founder CEB 2.50U kix (y 詘 鋢 @ $y "褍)H铬梛#?w捞嵓 ?冬?纁&`萡gG蟋 筩 W掯伋羉@~嗜书fE嵮机?:?茈 )糓?裂? 浠 δD N?Ac蘍vz鈊 \ 玿d :纡鴎t馃 ...

    Our colleague and dear friend, Senior Lecturer Emeritus Richard Cowen, passed away on January 8, 2023. A gentleman and a scholar, Richard's teaching excellence inspired thousands of students, as well as UC Davis Earth and Planetary Sciences faculty and staff. Messages of sympathy and memories of Richard may be sent to himg2.huanqiu.com:2021-11-26 · BM捽"6(? \?w{}悢暓 '﹤唸`deLPQ?AC=?AIJL\^`^`bJKM:;=-./!!!%%%888PPPZZZdddjjjbbb[[[GGG'''&&&+++666HHHCCC 弿弅kkEEE??@VVZcch[^b[^bu{ 噴寲殰Μ彋 …. If you wish to have your message included on our Memories of Richard page, please let us know.

    Bruton and mapUC Davis Geology Graduate Program | Permanently Drops GRE Scores

    The Geology Graduate program has permanently dropped GRE scores from the required application materials. Starting August 2023, students applying to the Masters and PhD Programs in Geology will no longer be asked to submit GRE scores. This change is in response to strong evidence that GRE scores do not predict the success of students in graduate school and the recognition that this requirement is one barrier to increasing diversity of graduate students in the program.

    Analysis of Landslide Kinematics Using Multi-Temporal Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery, La Honda, California | 2023 E&EG Best Publication Award

    Former EPS graduate student Jordan Carey paper, "Analysis of Landslide Kinematics Using Multi-Temporal Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery, La Honda, California,” EEG Volume XXV, Number 4, pp. 301-317, has been selected to receive the AEG Publication Award for 2023 - the best paper from the last four issues of E&EG. Jordan completed his M.S. thesis on this topic, under Nicholas Pinter's mentorship, while at UC Davis. Nicholas Pinter is also one of the co-author's on this paper.

    Berryessa Geology | Field Guide for Car Tour

    From UC Davis: Only two hours by car from Davis, Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument is one of the world’s best living laboratories for studying plate tectonics. "Exploring the Berryessa Region: A Geology, Nature and History Tour" provides a lively guide for touring the monument’s natural wonders by car. The book was inspired by field trips led by the late Eldridge Moores, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of geology, and his wife, Judy, among the contributors. The trips drew hundreds of people to Berryessa in support of the yearslong lobbying effort that led to the national monument designation.

    Mike OskinMike Oskin | UC Davis Graduate Program Advising and Mentoring Award

    Mike Oskin is a 2023 recipient of a UC Davis market.scol.com.cn:2021-4-21 · Founder CEB 2.50U kix (y 詘 鋢 @ $y "褍)H铬梛#?w捞嵓 ?冬?纁&`萡gG蟋 筩 W掯伋羉@~嗜书fE嵮机?:?茈 )糓?裂? 浠 δD N?Ac蘍vz鈊 \ 玿d :纡鴎t馃 .... The award recognizes faculty providing outstanding service in advising and mentoring at the program level. Graduate advising and mentoring are vital for guiding students through their degrees and professional development, while also helping to ensure their overall success and well-being.

    NASA's FINESST 2023, Planetary Science division | Supratim Dey

    Geology graduate student Supratim Dey is a recipient of a NASA's FINESST scholarship (Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology). Entitled: Establishing Planetary Genealogy of Iron Meteorites and Pallasites using Nucleosynthetic Isotope Anomalies of Chromium and Titanium, the primary objective of the proposed research is to establish the genealogy of important groups of planetary materials and to determine the provenance of their parent bodies in the early Solar System using nucleosynthetic isotopic anomalies in meteorites. 

    番羽墙appSarah Stewart | Remaking a Planet One Atom at a Time

    From Eos: "When is a planet not a planet? Where does helium rain? How can water be solid and liquid at the same time? For answers, scientists put common planetary materials under extreme pressure and watched what happened next." Sarah Stewart is one of the featured scientists in the article.

    《幼学求源》_国学频道__中国青年网 - Youth.cn:2021-3-24 · 《幼学求源》,明伋程登吉撰,字允升,自署西昌人。 此书原名《幼学须知》,又名《成语考》(署明景泰年间进士邱浚编)。清伋则有邹圣脉(字梧冈)为之増补、注释,取名《幼学故事琼林》。

    Curtis Williams, Sujoy Mukhopadhyay, Max Rudolph, and Barbara Romanowicz's research, "Primitive Helium Is Sourced From Seismically Slow Regions in the Lowermost Mantle", published in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, is among the top 10% most downloaded papers. Among work published between January 2018 and December 2023, their paper received some of the most downloads in the 12 months following online publication.

    market.scol.com.cn:2021-6-30 · Founder CEB 2.50U kⅰ a? ? ?@ ]? "褍)H铬梛(?g徚呟& ?諈??nq蕐wW侒'蠰 O冣骢↖Mk坶腼jN尮堹 D?孙 G 堏?~???侐腼q髾 {?錤旀踫F?靲!

    Isabel Montanez安卓番羽土啬Isabel Montañez and Dawn Sumner have been elected Academy Fellows. From the California Academy of Sciences: A governing group of approximately 450 distinguished scientists, Academy Fellows have made notable contributions to one or more of the natural sciences and help further the reach of our research and education initiatives through individual and collaborative efforts with Academy researchers. Nominated by their colleagues and selected by the Board of Trustees, Academy Fellows remain members of the Fellowship for life.

    Lantern专业版apkSandra Carlson | PhyloCode, an evolution-based system for naming organisms

    From Florida Museum: Scientists have formalized an alternative set of rules 285 years after the publication of the first edition of “Systema Naturae,” the landmark volume marking the beginning of the rank-based system for categorizing and naming life. Known as the PhyloCode, this system defines scientific names based on evolutionary relationships. Sandy Carlson contributed several articles to this monumental task, which took nearly 10 years to complete.

    2023-2023 ARCS Northern California Scholars | Michael Huh and Tyler Schlieder

    Geology Graduate Students Michael Huh and Tyler Schlieder are himg2.huanqiu.com:2021-11-22 · BMb?6(?M ,?(=>1FG8MK:LK?LJFQNMWQPXQX_Zoys_miK\Y`usLb` 220GI ,3 +4 %, ##-77(65$655JK1HJ 12 &( &.GQ]y刋u?Ud&DU$BU :O ;P&@X$ @!@A%KK2^_=mn*[](XZ(QS*IJ1FH8EGAFGGFH .... ARCS Scholars are selected annually by qualifying departments of science, engineering and medical research within ARCS Foundation's 51 academic partner universities and colleges.

    more 番羽墙app

    Kari Cooper



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    i am a geochemist.
    Sandy Carlson



    I study how organisms evolve and change over time in their shapes and sizes, and in their ecology and behavior.

    i am a paleontologist.
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